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What is Kindness? with Ms. April

Today's Social Emotional Adventure

Today we began a unit study on KINDNESS. We will have five lessons on this topic, as we learn what kindness is and how to recognize it on ourselves and others around us. This will take us up to almost the end of the school year!

First, we talked about what we thought kindness was. They did great, coming up with their own examples and definitions for what kindness means to them. I then read two scenarios of kindness, and they had to tell me what examples were used.

Next, we read a story called 'Each Kindness' by Jacqueline Woodson. The story was about a little girl, Mia, that was new to her school. None of the children would talk to her or play with her. The story went on to show that eventually, the other students realized how unkind they were to her and wanted to make it better, but by then, Mia had moved away. The students reflected on how they made her feel and how they felt because of their behavior.

To extend from the book, we played a game during which I read off statements made by kids, and the kids had to decide if it was a kind statement, or unkind statement by holding up either a green circle or red circle.

Lastly, we broke into small groups of three, and the students worked together to come up with one thing they believe a 'Kind Kid' does, says, or is! They did a fantastic job in their small groups!

Next Up Next Time: Being Kind to Others: Ways to Show and Things They Can Do

Resources Used
Mind and Heart Lessons – Kindness
Each Kindness by Jacqueline Woodson

Standards Introduced or Practiced
31.A.ECa Show empathy, sympathy, and caring for others.
31.A.ECb Recognize the feelings and perspectives of others.
31.B.ECa Interact verbally and nonverbally with other children.
31.B.ECb Engage in cooperative group play.

Questions to Ask Your Child Tonight
1. What does kindness mean to you?
2. What is an example of something a kind kid would do?
3. What is something kind you could do for your mom and dad?

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