Infant Curriculum (6 Weeks to 15 Months)

Infants at Little Jewels include children ranging from six weeks to 15 months old. The infant care curriculum is designed to create a solid foundation for learning within a positive and loving environment. Our experienced teachers will ensure that your baby feels safe and secure in our classrooms. Infants are exposed to different art mediums such as paints, stamp pads, paint brushes, and crayons to develop their fine motor skills. Songs and books are also used daily to help promote literacy skills. Teachers will work to form trust with your child and provide interactive learning experiences and toys that will foster development. Infants also will be involved in sensory activities and the inclusion of beginning-level Spanish words into their daily learning.

Toddler Curriculum (15-24 Months)

Children ages 15-24 months are taught using Little Jewels’ toddler curriculum. In these strategically structured lesson plans, toddlers will participate in many small and large-scale activities throughout the day to develop their motor skills. Children will be given opportunities to explore and learn in a nurturing environment. At this age level, your child will also experience books and art mediums like paints and stamp pads. Our patient teachers will allow them to explore utensils, such as paintbrushes and crayons. Our learning activities also include social development and the inclusion of beginning-level Spanish vocabulary. Weekly music classes provided by Hip Cat Music School.

Two-Year-Old Curriculum

At the two-year-old level, many small motor activities are key to help fine-tune children's small muscle groups. With the two-year-old program at Little Jewels, your child will be able to feed their curiosity, become more independent, and begin to develop their unique personality. Our fun and friendly teachers will provide them with an engaging learning atmosphere where they can thrive. Large muscles are explored and used through a variety of indoor and outdoor activities. At this age, children will also explore pre-writing skills such as tracing shapes, lines, and other objects. They will be exposed daily to books and different writing tools such as pencils, markers, and crayons of various sizes as well as beginning-level Spanish vocabulary. Weekly music classes provided by Hip Cat Music School.  We are also here to support you as your child begins potty training!