At Little Jewels, we love giving back to our community! Our staff understands that community involvement is not just significant for adults. It also plays an essential role in childcare, development, and social interaction, increasing awareness of identity and feelings of belonging. Connecting with the community teaches a variety of valuable lessons that can develop children into mindful and active citizens. We want to set an excellent example for the kids we teach and show them the value of sharing and lending a helping hand. That's why we make sure to stay involved with a variety of organizations in McLean County.

Little Jewels believes in the power of giving and how it can make a positive impact on the world. We fundraise for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital year-round to defeat childhood cancer, stop other life-threatening diseases, and assist families financially. We feel we must do our part to help those in need, and we will continue to do what we can to make others' lives better.

Little Jewels is proud to partner with Hip Cat Music School! Hip Cat Music School provides a peaceful, welcoming and inclusive environment to experience the joy of making music. Our teachers are eager to share their knowledge and love of music with students of all ages. Let us help guide you on your musical journey. All ages are welcome!

Each spring, Little Jewels participates in the Easter Seals Coins for Kids fundraiser. Easter Seals Central Illinois is an organization that assists children with disabilities, developmental delays, and special needs so that they can reach their fullest potential. They offer therapy services, autism services, and support, early intervention, and much more to children from birth to age 21. Easter Seals is consistently raising awareness about disabilities, educating, and promoting advocacy to communities across Illinois.

Community Activities and Groups

Little Jewels also participates in the following community activities and groups:

  • Illinois State University Homecoming Parade
  • Illinois State University Mennonite School of Nursing
  • Illinois State University Speech and Language Pathology
  • CommUniversity Day

Mabel's Labels

Little Jewels has teamed up with Mabel's Labels to bring quality, adorable labeling products for all of your family's needs. For every order placed, Little Jewels will receive a 20% commission that we will use towards our annual events held for our students and their families. There are countless items to choose from, and everything comes with fast, free shipping to your home.

Shop today for:

  • Bottle bands
  • Clothing labels
  • Name labels
  • Medical alert labels/tags
  • And many more!

 All you have to do is visit and click on "Support a Fundraiser." Then search for your Little Jewels location. (Oakland, Evergreen, or Williamsburg) Happy shopping, and thank you for your support!