What Makes Little Jewels Unique?

We are looking for fun, enthusiastic individuals who love working with children. If this sounds like you, please complete our online form today!

At Little Jewels Learning Center, we collaborate with working families for the personal growth, development, and education of each child. We are a locally owned and family-oriented preschool and childcare center in Bloomington-Normal, Illinois. We provide childcare for kids ages six weeks to school age. Our three locations each employ a team of licensed teachers and support staff who are motivated and passionate about children and teaching. The educators at Little Jewels Learning Center create bonds with the children and families as well as lifelong friendships with co-workers. Fun isn’t just for the kiddos in our care! Our team knows how to work and play together, and we’d love for you to join us! Submit your application today.

Employee Benefits

Little Jewels is proud to offer a comprehensive benefits package to the valued staff members at each facility. Full-time employees receive exceptional health and dental insurance, paid vacation, holidays, yearly raises, childcare discounts, and personal days as well as a 401K plan. Lead teachers receive paid planning time and have access to supplies and quarterly checks to purchase supplies for art, science, and cooking activities. All teachers are reimbursed for training attended. Curriculum also includes professional music and gymnastics class provided by Developing Melodies and Iron Coyote. Our leadership and staff are highly involved within the community and consistently show their support and appreciation to all employees. At Little Jewels, we create a welcoming and encouraging work atmosphere.

Qualifications & Education Requirements

Lead Teachers

  • Bachelor’s degree, associate’s degree, or CDA
  • 60 college credits with 6 in Early Childhood classes
  • Must meet the DCFS required qualifications in section 407 of DCFS standards

Full-Time Assistant Teachers

  • High school diploma
  • Bachelor’s degree, associate’s degree, or CDA
  • College credits in early childhood classes preferred
  • Must meet the DCFS required qualifications in section 407 of DCFS standards

Part-Time Teachers

  • 60 college credits with 6 in early childhood classes
  • High school diploma accepted
  • Must meet the DCFS required qualifications in section 407 of DCFS standards

Kitchen Staff

  • Must have or be willing to obtain a Sanitation Certificate through the State of Illinois Department of Public Health
  • High school diploma

Available Positions

Staff Testimonials

“There are many benefits to working at Little Jewels. One of the major benefits is the parents. They are so nice and understanding. They are always willing to help in the classroom and with bringing things in. Another benefit is the leadership. My director is awesome at her job! She is always willing to listen and give advice. She takes the initiative and is always willing to help out. She is on top of things, and if she doesn't know an answer, she will look into it quickly. She has the kids’ best interest always in mind and supports her staff. She makes it very easy to deal with a situation if one was to pop up. A big benefit for me is also seeing my kid throughout the day. Watching him interact and play with his teachers and friends is so rewarding. It’s very nice to watch from a distance and see him in his own environment. I also feel that having three different locations is a great benefit. There are many options and ways you can work up.”

–Betsy B.

“I think three benefits of working at Little Jewels are definitely making new friends every day. Someone new comes along, and you make a new friend. Not just the kids, but the staff as well. Another benefit is that there is so much to do at this job. Whether you're a teacher or kid, there are so many activities to do with the kids that keep you busy. The third benefit I would say is that the staff and kids are nice and make you feel welcomed when you come to work every day. What surprised me most is that so many kids fall in love with you. When they see you, they get all excited and want to see you more, and that is a feeling you cannot get from any other job! This job is probably one of the best jobs to have, especially if you are going into college for early childhood education. It is a good first step!”

–Danaria C.

“My favorite benefit is the bond and relationship you form with the children! I look forward to coming into work every day because I get to see the kids that I absolutely love and cherish! Another bond is the relationship you form with your coworkers. I have formed countless friendships through Little Jewels, and I only work part-time! Lastly, I have loved the opportunity to work with children while being a full-time college student! After I graduate from college, I hope to work with children, so I love the experience I am gaining. I love coming into work every day because it truly feels like a family. All of the coworkers are so nice and welcoming. The bond and relationship I have formed with the children are indescribable!”

–Kayleigh P.